"Education is the key • Good shooting is the result of Skills, Knowledge, & Attitude"

Bragging Board

Open to all LRN2shoot students. Email your photo and a story to

Maaz came up empty handed hunting hogs in 2012 after several misses. after one day of private lessons with Jim Appleby. Maaz set a new club record at a ranch in Texas of 4 hogs in one night.

This youth hunter scored her first big game out west in Wyoming. 240 yard shot, another fine student of LRN2shoot.

First big buck taken in Wisconsin.

This antelope was taken at 180 yards in Wyoming after taking the NRA Basic Rifle Course.

Score 187-6x/200 at 600 yards.

9 ring sighters at 7 and 11 o'clock. Dialed in and fired 195-4x/200 at 600yds.

This LRN2shoot student fired her new 38 SPL. and put 6 shots in the upper right corner, after a quick site adjustment 6 shots straight down the middle. Training pays!