"Education is the key • Good shooting is the result of Skills, Knowledge, & Attitude"

Defensive Knowledge Quiz

A. Walk close to buildings.
B. Make your gun more accessible.
C. Walk out in the open away from obstructed views.
D. Don't walk in urban areas.
A. Small pocket size pistols are ideal for women.
B. A concealed firearm should be comforting not comfortable.
C. Comfort is an important consideration when carrying.
D. Stopping power is most important when carrying.
A. Stopping power.
B. Gun weight and size.
C. Shot capacity.
D. All of the above.
A. The gun is empty.
B. You no longer feel threatened.
C. Do double taps until the attacker is incapacitated.
D. You're sure the bad guy is dead.
A. Spouse and mature children.
B. Close friends and family you are in public with.
C. A & B.
D. No one should know.
A. Daily.
B. Weekly.
C. Monthly.
D. All of the above.
A. True.
B. False.
A. The same in all states.
B. Substantially similar in most states.
C. You can apply the laws of the permit issuing state in any state with reciprocity.
D. None of the above.
A. Practice using random shot patterns and positions.
B. Practice a 2-4 reliable shot patterns and one stable position.
C. Practice with only the gun and ammunition you carry.
D. Practice in good conditions to ensure quality training.
A. An influx of adrenalin in preparation of a violent encounter.
B. The nervous system overloading and fear taking over.
C. An indication of fine motor skills being diminished
D. A & B.
E. A & C.