"Education is the key • Good shooting is the result of Skills, Knowledge, & Attitude"

Illinois Concealed Carry Classes

Now offering Utah Concealed Carry Training!

You can sit in a boring class for 16 hours and get the bare minimum to get your Concealed Carry license!


You can spend 16 hours training to be capable and confident to defend yourself and others with the
necessary Skills, Knowledge and Attitude needed to survive and triumph in a violent encounter!

Train-Shoot Straight-Win

All LRN2shoot Instructors are the best quality of people and shooters.
Bringing the experience needed to train you to WIN!

All LRN2shoot IL. CCW courses are conducted using training teams. This allows for a more student focused training and ensures quality and effectiveness.

LRN2shoot will issue an Illinois Concealed Carry Training certificate only if with all honesty. They can sign the form using the standard. Would I want this person deploying a concealed firearm near my family and friends. We will give every effort to reach this goal with every student.

Questions concerning the IL CCW can be found in the FAQ.